Long Range Ballistics


Long range shooting is not black magic or using Kentucky windage to accurately make a long range shot. To be efficient at long range shooting is a process that consists of principles and tactics.

  •  Understanding Fundamentals
  • Applied Ballistics for Bullet Drop
  • Understanding Wind and its Effect on Wind Drift
  • Positioning Rifle for Consistent Shot Placement
  • Marking Your Shots for Correction
  • Body Position in Different Terrains
  • Trigger Control
  • Follow Through After a Shot is Fired.
We offer courses for long range shooting for competition or hunting. 


Hammer Rifles guarantees a 1/2 MOA or less with our rifles. With that Statement being said the key to consistent and repeatable accuracy is the ammunition. We offer load development for 223 to 338 Lapua. The statement “only accurate rifles are interesting” stands true here at Hammer Rifles and we have the tools to make that statement true. 
  • Load Development
  • Annealing
  • Ballistic Profiles for Each Load
  • Chronograph all Loads.
  • Low Standard Deviation and Extreme Spreads