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About Hammer Rifles

Hammer Rifles is a precision rifle shop building safe, reliable, repeatable sporting, defense, and hunting rifles. We custom tailor rifles that will match your hunting, long range shooting, or competition needs. In addition, Hammer Rifles offers a full line of Cerakote colors to customize your build making it truly one of a kind.

  • Precision Steel Hunter
  • Long Range Precision
  • Ultralight Carbon Long Range
  • Chassis/PRS
  • Ultralight Compact and Suppressor Ready

We also offer Bolt Knob and Fluting Services

Rifle Build Partners and Suppliers:


Leupold, NightForce, GPO, Sig Sauer, Swarovski, Leica and Kahles


Hammer Rifle Sledge, REM 700, Model 7, Defiance, American Rifle Company, Stiller, Curtis Customs, and Big Horn


Proof Research, Bartlein Brux, Hawk Hill, Krieger, and Rock Hill


McMillan, Grey Boe, H-S Precision, Mesa, AG Composites, MasterPiece Arms, XLR Chassis, and Many More


Hawkings Precision, Remington, and Badger Ordnance


Trigger Tech and Timney Triggers

We run a full gunsmith shop offering chambering, bolt and barrel fluting, and cerakoting for long guns, hand guns, and sporting rifles.